Martin Zubko

BD Manager / Business Diplomat

I work with ideas and visions utilizing my knowledge of business development, marketing and brand management to improve specific business aspects. I also influence people and pursue leadership through the conduct of diplomacy. It is a very specific role within a firm helping to create long-term values. 

I create solutions, design innovations and develop values.


How does a BD Manager work?

BD Manager combines knowledge of the three business practices in one role

BD Manager = Business Development + Marketing + Brand Management

BD Manager develops/helps to manage the three above mentioned departments and also:

  • integrates within a firm
  • influences the decision-making process
  • acts as a trustworthy adviser to the top management, especially CEO
  • represents an organization
  • motivates a firm to pursue innovative ideas
  • oversees the firm’s activitie


  • Super confidential
  • Clients focused
  • Long-term partnership
  • Competitive edge in any pitch
  • Management by leadership
  • Distinctive business culture


  • Dedication to clients
  • Commitment to innovation
  • Being enthusiastic about business development
  • Generate better quality revenue
  • Understand the importance of clients’ satisfaction
  • Independence

Complex Project Thinking

Business Development

Improves entrepreneurial and managerial thinking to fulfil business objectives and visions.

  • new markets and growth areas
  • trends and innovations
  • prospective customers
  • products and services
  • increasing the value of current customers while attracting new ones
  • research customers needs and behaviour
  • identify new prospective clients
  • organize and support key profile-building events and initiatives
  • cold calling
  • social and business networking
  • lobbying
  • arrange business meetings
  • develop a communications plan for the market
  • attend conferences, meetings and industry events
  • act as an economic diplomat – enhances organization reputation
  • prepare submissions for directories, nominations and surveys
  • develop quotes and proposals for clients
  • close new business deals by coordinating requirements
  • plan approaches and pitches
  • screen potential business deals
  • manage and control pricing and contractual issues
  • provide a very specific customer support
  • present business development training and mentoring
  • time manage and prioritize tasks to achieve results


Provides an environment with specific tools to get products and services from an idea (concept) to customers.

  • marketing plan and program for each product/service
  • enhance a complex marketing strategy of an organization
  • track strategic market changes influencing sales
  • research market behaviour of demand attributes
  • plan, direct and evaluate marketing efforts
  • find out mistakes of a marketing mix implementation
  • develop digital and traditional marketing campaigns across multiple platforms
  • support sales and lead generation efforts
  • an innovative approach to marketing mix
  • a transition from traditional marketing tools to more creative ones
  • competitors research on “how they do it”
  • improving existing methods and tools
  • set up marketing principles
  • create a corporate marketing identity
  • effective marketing budget awareness
  • improve content marketing implementation

Institutions & Entrepreneurship Development

Brand Management

Analyses, plans and implements all necessary measurements in order to establish/improve how a brand is perceived in the market.

  • analyse how a brand is positioned
  • invent a brand development strategy
  • carry out market research in order to keep up to date with customer trends
  • analyse how marketing activities shaped a brand
  • implement a proper brand identity (offline/online)
  • improve graphical aspects of a brand
  • create eye-catching brand presentations
  • come up with a better UX (website)
  • acquire data on how customers understand a brand
  • gain insights into customers experience and expectations
  • identify creative brand elements for the next campaigns
  • consider the cultural differences and habits of targeted markets

Economic Diplomacy & Foreign Trade

Who Might Need My Help?

Leisure, Travel and Tourism

It is fascinating to develop the tourism industry of a particular country, region or town. I used to work with tourism organizations of all kinds, Ambassadors and government representatives. The main goal is to create an environment for sustainable growth and increase a tourism share in GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs

Amazing food, great staff and exceptional communication skills – all these are necessary to pursue goals in the hospitality industry. People want to stay in nice places, eat tasty food and enjoy drinks.

Law Firms

The legal sector is super competitive. There are many excellent law firms worldwide, however, at the end of the day, it is all about a client’s decision.

Real Estate Agents

Properties represent life and investment decisions, in which the key role played by real estate agents and brokers. Building relationships, professional presentation, advanced technology and innovative solutions lead to real success.


It might be a university or local educational centre looking for new opportunities to grow, innovations or to fix what is not working well. For example, I see many opportunities in university management and international collaboration because student migration is certainly motivated by university incentives.

Family Business

Business run by a family has many specific areas, however, the most important is a connection to the family – something that people build through generations. This valuable fact cannot be overseen, thus it is necessary to look at both sides, the family and business.

Fashion Designers and Modeling Agencies

The fashion industry is certainly a very interesting segment to work in because it operates by a universal language – beauty. The industry is super busy, many times, chaos blinds business opportunities and management challenges.

BD Manager enhances business reputation, corporate identity and a position in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. 


People often need someone to get a piece of advice, to talk and consult personal development. You might be a photographer, model, top manager or local plumber. Why a local plumber cannot have a decent presentation and business plan? Why a model cannot manage her professional business identity on her own? Or, why a top manager cannot have a personal adviser who can help him/her to perform better?

About Me

What kind of person am I?
I am a good diplomat promoting mutual trust building. I have the ability to influence people, I understand the importance of achieving long-term goals.
I have lived in London for many years, I also spent some time in the U.S.A., Prague, and Moscow. I practice management through leadership and diplomacy. I create solutions, innovations and values.

How have I shaped business experience and skills?
I have graduated in Banking in Prague, completed the Master in International Policy and Diplomacy (focusing on economic relations) in England. I have been shaped by the ability to understand the meaning of work and to go beyond the limits of the opportunity to reach the goal. Whether I helped develop the London branch of the largest US law firm, implemented innovative solutions for the Czech Tourism or consulted management issues – I always asked a simple question – How can I help? / How can I contribute to your business performance and success? 

To sum up, I have more than 10 years of experience in what I am doing.

Enhance Your Business Experience


Direct Contact

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